By striving for constant improvement of quality and customer satisfaction as well as building a team of the best specialists in the construction chemicals sector, TENACHEM SIA has become a well-established company and reliable partner to its customers and suppliers.

The company organises its work in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and environmental standards ISO 14001:2004 and OHSA 18000 in the respective areas.

TENACHEM SIA offers energy efficient construction chemicals to its customers in Latvia and other countries around the world.

The industrial activities are carried out in compliance with the category B manufacturing standards.JE13IB0029

The effective environmental and labour regulations are followed at all levels of the business – conclusion of agreements with customers and suppliers, development of new products as well as production and supply of the principal products. Understanding of specific customer needs in respect to product supply and certification processes is very important when it comes to successful business development.

To control the possible environmental impacts, the company carefully estimates, evaluates, and effectively uses resources that are required for production as well as correspondingly manages the waste generated from its activities.

In order to increase its competence and improve its competitive advantage, TENACHEM SIA provides its employees with frequent training in business management, environment, labour safety, economics, and financial sector as well as ensures procedural, technological, and scientific development.

TENACHEM SIA also provides internship opportunities to students by adapting company’s activities to their needs.

By taking care of the safety of employees and guests as well as the organisation of the internal work environment, the company has established specific requirements and criteria for internal order, movement and registration of transport, employees, and guests within the territory of the company as well as measures for continuous identification and improvement of quality of the work environment.

The company has carried out an industrial hazard risks evaluation as well as developed a civil protection plan in accordance with the effective legal regulations.